International Women’s day!

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It’s a very special day for my ladies out there! It is International Women’s Day! But before celebrating, let’s look into some of the things that it takes to be a woman.

You might hear people say, “be a man,” or “stop crying you’re not a girl.” Some say, “she could never do that, that’s a man’s job.” Why?

Why are cooking, cleaning, watching the children, dressing up, and wearing makeup considered feminine things? Why is it that our society still believes that working or making money is considered “manly?” You know what makes someone manly, respecting where you come from and I’m not talking about ethnicities, I am talking about where you truly come from. One thing that we can all agree on no matter what gender or race is that we all come from a Woman and that will never change. Yes, there will be people who will say, “well what about the contribution the man makes, it takes two things to make a baby, sperm and egg!” Yes, Kevin, Your sperm helped a lot with MAKING the child but it’s no good if it doesn’t come out! Keeping a little human in us for 9 whole months then pushing it out of a small hole is a WHOLE other story in which your role is standing beside the bed, holding the hand while you try to be comforting!

Why can’t we change the definition of manly because giving birth to a child takes way more “manliness” than lifting heavy objects or going to work and making the big bucks. In my definition, just being a woman takes more “manliness” than anything else in the world. Everything that a girl goes through in her life is always going to be with a filter, a protective shell because we as women know that the world will never accept us for the things we do but the things we are “meant” to be doing. We don’t demand superiority, just equality with even a tiny pinch of respect will suffice!

Some say, “Women have it easy.” Let’s repeat that out loud, “Women have it easy.” Not to be sexist, but the people who I can hear saying this phrase are Men, grown-ass “mature” men.

Do women have it easy when we have to put our keys between our fingers while walking home at night or even just walking down the street, so we are prepared if anyone comes around behind us? Do women have it easy when we get catcalled and stared at by men that are twice our age even while being dressed head to toe? Do women have it easy when we are paid less than the man who got hired two days ago even if we might be more experienced and qualified? Being a woman is having to ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are or who you’re with. Being a woman is having to prove that we aren’t just walking sex objects. So no, Women DO NOT have it easy, but you’re allowed to say that right, because being women is being taught that “boys will be boys.”

On this Women’s day, let’s make a difference. “Boys will be Boys” is not going to be excusable anymore! Let’s teach our boys to respect women and make it easier for them!

52 thoughts on “International Women’s day!”

    1. Way to go girl! Proud to read your blog. It is bold start with a bang!!!
      You know one of the unique qualities God bestowed upon us women is empathy and compassion to love, care and nurture not just our kids but other human beings too – especially men!
      Let us make a difference in this world. Keep writing.

      Happy woman’s day to you dear!

  1. Nicely done Vrinda. It’s work in progress
    It will take time to erase and rewire the mindset of our community.

  2. Beautiful piece Vrinda, what an excellent message for everyone to hear. This is how we make positive changes going forward.

    I am proud of you!

  3. Owen Bradshaw


    A number of thoughtful observations and a ton of personality in your writing for good measure! Thanks for the thought provoking read!

    One thing that I was left thinking about is whether or not the word “manly” is redeemable? Ordinarily I am a more words is better kind of person. Both George Orwell and Aldous Huxley warn us about societies that strip away words in an attempt at stripping away our ability to think deeply, thoughtfully, and differently. Having said that, a word like “manly” that comes so freighted with baggage and connotations seems like a fundamentally problematic word.

    I wonder if Orwell, Huxley, Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie, bell hooks, Neil Postman, and/or other writers and thinkers have given thought to retiring a word like “manly” rather than, as you are asking us to do, reimagine it?

    And – of course – if we are going to reimagine rather than retire, do we want to find areas where women are physically tough/strong and use those to redefine “manly”? Or do we want to reimagine the word entirely? I wonder, too, if there is a gender neutral word that might get at what you are hoping to get at here?

    At any rate, thank you again for the piece and the opportunity to read it and have my thinking provoked. A solid start to your blog!

    -Mr. Bradshaw

    1. Yes I was thinking the same, let’s reinvent the word into something that we can fit into both parties cases! Thank you for such a wonderful response Mr. B!

  4. Wow Vrinda…such a strong and powerful message.
    Feminism embodies so much more than just the word “woman.” We are strong and resilient and so much more than our labels. I am proud to be one and it is amazing to see young girls standing for ideals that were once considered radical.

    Good luck!

  5. Such a beautifully written blog!
    Facts put forward with such simplicity making it so clear and simple to understand.

    If a woman is working late she does not care about her family but if a man is working late he works so hard. Why?
    If a man asks his wife to leave her work and sit listen to him she should but if a woman does the same she is disturbing. Why?

    One major thing atleast in India is that women don’t stand-up for or support women which gives men the liberty to be men. The day we women start looking out for each other men will stand no chance.

    Let’s respect one another and not make it easy for ‘Boys to be Boys’ because no its not ok!

  6. Here is Hoping for a future with
    Fairness, Kindness, and Equality for all people regardless of gender, race, beliefs, age, and ability
    Fight on!

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